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X-Perience Mod A10 1980 V 1.5
X-Perience Mod A10 1980 V 1.5
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28 Apr, 2018 @ 1:27am


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Hello there,

with the release of Alpha 10 the problem of outdated, not supported or half-finished mods occured, that were very fun to play with, so I created this one from the scratch and overhauled nearly everything, including the descriptions.
Without the mods the experience felt at this stage is dropping by a few levels, thus I built this mod on real history as close as possible, changing some values for better gameplay of course, therefore the name "X-Perience".

Full working on all Alpha 10 versions / also usable with Alpha 9 (An A-9 version is also available in the Workshop: A-9 Mod)

An A11 Experimental Mod is now available: A-11 Mod

Features included:
  • Real name companies and product names for each category are implemented!
  • Over 3200 possible combinations, with 600 researches and over a 2050 features available (More than 27.000 Lines of Code)
  • Every year is filled with several new features, researches and new categories till 2050, filled with some easter eggs for a longer gameplay.
  • Harder Difficulty with re-balanced sales for all products. It is not so easy to make billions of money anymore, but still possible.
Categories available on different years are showing up at the years in brackets:
  • Computer/Console OS (1980)
  • 2D/3D Graphics (1980 and 3D at 1994)
  • Audio (1980)
  • Game Engine (1980)
  • Game with 7 Subgenres (Action & Sport & Strategy & Simulation & RPG & Adventure from the beginning / Action-Adventure 1986)
  • Antivirus (1985)
  • Office (1980)
  • Hardware like Mainboard (1980) / Processor (1980) / Graphic Card (1997) / Memory(1980) / Storage (1986) / Disk Drives (First at 1980) / Power Supply Unit(1980) / Cooler(1980) / Case (1980) etc.
  • Virtual Reality (2020)
  • Lightsaber (2025)
  • Robots (2030)
  • Building customized consoles and computers (1980)
  • Input Devices (1980)
  • Display (CRT 1980 / Flat-Panel 1995)
  • Browser (1992)
  • Game Platform (2003)
  • Hosting Service (1999)
  • Packaging & Design (1980)
  • BIOS (1980)
  • E-Commerce like Online-Shop (1979) / Music Store (2001) / Streaming Provider (1997)
For starting the mod you have to start a new game, click in the line “X-Perience Mod” on “toggle” on the lower right corner, so that a “Yes” is shown in the field "enabled".

Alpha 10 has no longer scenarios, therefore a starting year can no longer be chosen! I decided to change the software dates accordingly, so they will start from 1980 instead of 1970.

I will support both versions (A-9 & A-10) at least until A-11 is officially released.

Latest update on 05.10.2019:
Finally A-11 (on testing branch) was released this week. Therefore I just upload and linked my newest *work in progress* mod for it. More details you can find there.

Note: A9 is only identical with A10 V 1.2. Everything from 1.3 is not included in A9!
The main difference is the starting date from Software (A9/A10 begins from 1970 and A10 only begins from 1980).

If you find some bugs, failures or have questions you can post them in the threads.