Gewandhaus, Dresden

Gewandhaus, Dresden

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The Gewandhaus from Dresden, Germany
The Gewandhaus is a baroque building from Dresden, built in the 18th century. Gewandhäuser – cloth/linen halls – can be found in many cities and towns and originally were buildings to trade fabrics. This building nowadays houses a luxury hotel.
Using TPB’s painter Mod you can change the color of the building. By default it will always have its original yellow color.
By changing the building’s name after plopping you can disable the glass roof above the central courtyard thus giving the building its historic appearance. The courtyard comes undecorated with the building.

ingame data:
footprint: 7x4
construction costs: 93,750
maintenance consts: 1800
tourists: 50/120/200

technical data:
Main: 11,595 tris; 512x4096px _a, _c, _d, _i, _n, _s texture
LOD: 359 tris; 256x128px _d, _i texture


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